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The security of offshore wind farms has emerged as a paramount concern as these projects grow in scale and significance. With ever-larger turbines and increased investments, protecting these valuable assets has become a top priority. Drawing on our extensive experience, Vissim has been at the forefront of remote monitoring for offshore installations since 2004, with a particular focus on wind farms.

Our unified solution addresses these challenges and ensures the highest level of security for offshore wind installations. Our advanced technology, including AIS, radar, and sensors, detects and deters intrusions effectively. We provide real-time alarms, robust communication platforms, and detailed records for swift actions and thorough analysis.

Real-time Monitoring and Threat Detection

Asset Protection

Cybersecurity and Data

Be informed of any activity close to assets or project vessels by assigning protection zones around them. A vessel’s guard zone will follow the vessel, and ensure that any security threats are identified early and can be acted on.

Zones are quickly and easily created, with editable shapes, size, warning rules and display settings. 

Review a vessels voyage history across the monitored waters, through historical past tracks.

Combined with a projection of the vessels expected future track, the operator can quickly assess if a vessels real-time behavior requires focused monitoring.

Get access to project specific information such as pipelines, subsea structures and project construction plans, presented directly as overlays in our chart.

The GIS information can be divided into multiple layers, with full control over layer visibility in the hands of the operator.

Get an overview of the operational status of both assets and project vessels in one picture to optimize the control of the activity in the windfarm.

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