Oil spill detection solution

Early detection, precise tracking, and swift response

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Our solution

Offshore energy activities operate in delicate marine ecosystems, and the potential impact of environmental incidents requires proactive measures. At Vissim, we understand the importance of preserving marine ecosystems. We offer tailored environmental solutions to ensure compliance with regulations, minimize risks and reduce costs related to oil spills.

With years of experience and long expertise in radar technology, we have developed an advanced solution that helps operators in early oil spill detection, accurate tracking, and efficient response.


Our Environmental monitoring solution caters to the multifaceted needs of offshore environmental protection. OSD sensors are integrated into one system for optimal coverage and overview, and holistic system monitoring. 

Appropriate information from OSD sensors is provided to users and use cases at every level – ranging from detection at sensor level; to analysis, insights and reporting on the other end. Each application within the system covers a different need, while relevant information is easily accessed and shared between applications for a common operating picture.

a radar that detects an oil spill

Detect oil spills automatically in real-time

Plan compensating measures based on detectable conditions

Higher sensitivity & less false alarms

Consolidate all of your oil spill detection technologies

software interface that shows a detection of an oil spill

Monitor evolvement of oil spills and plan clean up resources.

software interface that shows oil spill detection data of an area around an oil platform

Oil spill detection is becoming part of your work process as it integrates with your main operation tool.

software interface that shows oil spill detection data of an area around an oil platform

Our software simplifies decision-making by centralizing critical oil spill detection and response data; such as past, current and predicted future conditions of oil spill detection capabilities,  into a single, intuitive operating window.

software interface that shows various technologies for an oil platform

Our dashboard consolidates methane, capacitive, acoustic and satellite technologies for each one of your assets.

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