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Ensuring the safety of offshore wind farms is absolutely crucial. It is the ultimate responsibility to prioritize the well-being of everyone involved and ensure they return home safely. We understand that achieving the desired level of safety requires a comprehensive approach, addressing various critical elements. These include safeguarding the workforce, preventing accidents, preparing for emergencies, ensuring public and environmental safety, and complying with regulations.

We offer a comprehensive solution designed to cover a wide range of safety requirements. Our cutting-edge technology provides a suite of tools and capabilities to enhance safety across every aspect of your offshore wind farm operations; from advanced monitoring systems that detect potential threats such as drifting vessels or objects and identify collision risks, to intuitive software solutions that streamline certification management and  support tailored permit workflow on the project.

Enable real-time monitoring and emergency preparedness

Maximize safety with personalized training programs and automated certificate tracking

Get real-time access to accurate met ocean data

Reduce accidents and enhance incident response

Facilitate swift communication and coordination

Comply with environmental and regulatory safety standards

As personnel information is entered once and distributed to all required stakeholders, our customers benefit from up to date personnel lists in all systems, without a minimum of manual work. Teams of technicians are available for control room operators to track immediately after a manifest has been approved.

Manage personnel safety compliance via our customisable online courses, certificate management and automated WINDA integration. Create induction and safety courses via our powerful Course Management System. Assign the courses to your personnel via customisable roles. Get warnings and reports for critical safety issues such as expired or missing certificates, incorrect access rights, overtime and insufficient employee experience.

Our weather forecast integration provides the operator with crucial weather input in a straightforward and easy way, through a traffic light system. Operators can at all times review the underlying weather parameters directly in the system, or visit the weather provider’s online forecast service for additional detail.

Through our powerful rule-based warning management, operators are provided with tailored warnings for identifying and tracking movements of any vessels that are endangering the wind farm. 

When permits are issued through the Vissim solution, control room operators are notified if anyone tries to transfer to an asset without the necessary permits, certificates or courses.

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