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In the ever-changing landscape of offshore energy, security is paramount to protect your assets, personnel, and operations. Offshore installations are exposed to various security threats such vessel intrusions and potential terrorist threats, due to their remote locations and critical role in energy supply.

Vissim’s advanced security solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Our solution offers advanced technologies and robust features to protect your offshore installations, mitigate risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations. 

Real-time threat detection and response

Track live vessel position, personnel location

Monitor critical areas and respond swiftly to emerging threats.

Effectively avoid potential intrusions from remote location

Automatically detect asset intrusion

Keep event data and recordings

Gain maritime awareness by displaying critical infrastructure. Static GIS data can be easily displayed as well as dynamic position, spread and course data

As our target manager ingests both AIS and radar target detections, any vessel sailing in the monitored waters are detected, and can generate automatic intrusion alarms. Composite targets, if available, are utilised in both the user interface and in warning event reports.

Outside of the radar coverage area our solution provides tracking based on AIS track data.

Integrated CCTV makes it easy to control camera, display direction and zoom as well as automatic tracking of objects.

The Vissim solution uses a universal record and playback kernel to create log files and play them back. All recordings are time stamped for synchronized review, and can be shared with external authorities.

Our recording system collects logs of multiple data streams such as radar video, targets, sound from VHF, and images from CCTV camera.

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