Safeguarding operations & assets

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Oil & Gas operations involve complex logistics, hazardous conditions, and a diverse range of activities, presenting inherent safety challenges.

Vissim recognizes these challenges and has developed tailored solutions to help operators prioritize safety, mitigate risks, prevent incidents, and maintain a secure working environment.

Enable real-time monitoring and emergency preparedness

Get access to accurate and comprehensive met-ocean data

Get early warnings for vessels threatening life and assets

Reduce accidents and enhance incident response

Efficiently prioritize and handle warnings

Facilitate swift communication and coordination in case of emergency

Use weather data to safely plan marine operations. Weather forecasts are visualized to efficiently support marine operations and maximize the use of weather windows.

Sophisticated zones and warning system makes it easy to prioritize warnings based on criticalities.

Quickly geofilter vessels based on dynamic data or vessel database.

Asset presentation, zones and warning rules tailored for monitoring operations inside the Safety Zone of an offshore asset, provide optimal situational awareness when reaction time is critical.

Users may playback centralized and synchronized recorded data from radar, AIS, VHF, and CCTV as well as other connected sensors and data streams.

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