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Digitalization is transforming the offshore energy industry, unlocking new possibilities for improved efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. However, it creates some challenges when it comes to data integration, remote monitoring and optimising operational processes.

Our solution recognises these challenges and helps operators harness the power of data, enhance decision-making, and streamline operations. With Vissim’s advanced solution, operators can monitor and manage multiple offshore assets seamlessly through a single user interface. Our software merges and presents all relevant data, both static and dynamic, in a unified manner, empowering operators and stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the entire ocean space.

Leverage powerful analytics capabilities, and gain actionable insights

Control your entire system from sensors to user interface

Maximize operational efficiency

Enable the highest IT security standards


We use radar data combined with other data to verify the actual performance of radars


We monitor radar performance over time and visualises degradation over time

Our weather integration provides recognizable traffic light presentations of working weather thresholds, handy details available on a cursor tooltip, and direct linking to the weather provider online service for deep drills into weather parameters. This well-rounded integration provides operators with instant decision support for operation planning and execution.

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