Vissim ramps up oil spill monitoring approach for Aker BP

Vissim ramps up oil spill monitoring approach for Aker BP

20 September 2022 – Norwegian technology supplier Vissim to develop an expanded digital platform for future oil spill monitoring and detection system on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Under the contract, Vissim will develop a software solution that integrates input from a number of different oil spill detection sources, including radars, satellites, sensors on subsea production equipment, and combine them into one, complete and easy-to-understand visual overview.

The system will provide an integrated 24/7 real-time visual overview of all Aker BP’s oil spill monitoring and detection tools and systems. This upgrade gives Aker BP easier access to oil spill detection and awareness concerning different detection technologies, which underlines the company’s dedication to safe and responsible operations on the NCS,

says Håvard Odden, director of Vissim’s North Sea operations.

The regulatory requirement for oil spill monitoring and detection is that operators shall possess detection technologies which combined makes them independent of weather conditions and that non-functional systems shall be registered.

The new software is an easy, configurable web-based solution for any oil and gas assets and it is easily accessible for both onshore and offshore personnel. The new software will be applied to all Aker BP-operated assets on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The software system will also integrate meteorological data to allow Aker BP to plan for so-called compensating measures in connection with the company’s offshore operations.

Vissim’s contract with Aker BP is valid for two years, with options for further extensions. Vissim has not disclosed the value of the contract.

Vissim’s oil spill detection system is based on its comprehensive OCEAN data platform that enables AI and machine learning. It also complies with the highest IT security standards.

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