Vissim completes project in Egypt

Vissim completes project in Egypt

Vissim are pleased to announce the completion of a Large Strategic Maritime project in the Gulf of Suez Egypt. Vissim provided an advanced Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) & Automatic Identification System (AIS) . The Gulf of Suez is the main entrance to the Suez canal which is strategically located on the main trade route between Europe and Asia where more than eight percent of global trade passes through, every year. With increases in Global Maritime Traffic and Cargo the Gulf of Suez with Strategic Trade Zone’s and the Suez Canal continue to be tremendous Maritime assets for Egypt and Vissim are delighted to be part of that.

This has been a landmark project for Vissim and having successfully completed the same, continues to add to our success’s in Egypt and is a credit to our Middle East Operations

says Per Arne Henaes, CEO Vissim.

About Vissim:

Vissim is a software developer and turnkey sensor and infrastructure provider for advanced marine optimisation systems around the globe. The company is headquartered in Horten, Norway, and has offices in the UK and Slovakia, in addition to a global partner network.

Vissim helps clients worldwide to plan, monitor and optimize their offshore wind, offshore energy, port and coastal operations and assets, enabling more cost-efficient, safer and more environmentally and financially sustainable operations. Through digitalising the coastal and ocean space, Vissim provides maritime awareness through real time data and data analysis.