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In today’s dynamic maritime environment, robust surveillance measures are essential for ensuring safety, security, and operational efficiency.


At Vissim, we offer comprehensive surveillance solutions that go beyond conventional approaches. Our advanced technologies and expertise enable you to achieve superior situational awareness, proactive threat detection, and efficient management of maritime activities.

Gain a comprehensive and real-time understanding of maritime activities

Optimize resource allocation by leveraging real-time data and analytics

Enhance operational excellence through streamlined incident management

Detect and respond to potential security threats proactively, and minimize risks

Monitor large and remote areas, any fleet or vessel of interest using data from various technologies (satellite and terrestrial AIS, LRIT and VMS, RF detection, radar & optical imagery).

Get a comprehensive view of maritime activities by integrating data from various sources, including radar, AIS, video surveillance, and other sensors or Create your own areas and assign specific features (high risk area, control area…) for customized monitoring of activities.

Integrated CCTV makes it easy to control camera, display direction and zoom as well as automatic tracking of objects

As our target manager ingests both AIS and radar target detections, any vessel sailing in the monitored waters are detected, and can generate automatic intrusion alarms. Composite targets, if available, are utilised in both the user interface and in warning event reports.

Outside of the radar coverage area our solution provides tracking based on AIS track data.

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