Detect and monitor threats at sea

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With the increasing complexity and inherent risks in maritime operations, it is crucial to prioritize safety measures.

Our integrated safety solution offers a holistic approach to ensure the highest level of safety and operational excellence, empowering you to navigate your maritime activities with confidence. Our approach combines advanced technologies, real-time monitoring systems, and effective incident management tools to mitigate risks, protect personnel, and enhance operational safety.

Mitigate safety risks, minimize downtime, and enhance operational efficiency

Reduce financial losses associated with accidents, incidents, and non-compliance

Protect personnel, assets, and the environment through proactive safety measures

Optimised operations through effective risk management and incident response

Operators can efficiently identify, investigate warnings and respond to incidents, coordinate resources, and communicate effectively within a single window.

By combining weather forecasts and real time weather visualizations, with traffic monitoring overviews, operators are given operational analysis insights needed to provide timely and accurate advice on navigation.

With flexible zone and warning management, the system provides early warnings for vessels entering maritime shooting areas, no-go areas or other geofenced areas of importance. 

All data recorded in the system is available for synchronized playback. See and hear events as experienced by the operator, supported by data from Radar, AIS, VHF and CCTV and other connected data streams.

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