Akita & Noshiro Case study

Vissim's Marine Control System at Akita & Noshiro Wind Farms


The Akita & Noshiro wind farms mark a significant milestone in Japan’s renewable energy landscape as the country’s first offshore wind farm project. Vissim, a global leader in maritime solutions, has been entrusted with delivering a sophisticated Marine Control System for Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation, setting a precedent for future developments in the region.

The Challenge

The inception of Japan’s offshore wind farm venture brought unique challenges, including the need for meticulous marine operations coordination and the management of complex sensor systems across two distinct port locations. Ensuring the safe and efficient movement of vessels in the vicinity of the wind farms required a state-of-the-art system capable of withstanding the dynamic maritime environment.

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General view of an offshore wind farm

The Solution

Vissim answered the call with a turnkey delivery system that included licensing, radar, AIS, radio communication systems, and integrated marine management software. The groundwork began with the installation of two IT cabinets, one each at the Akita and Noshiro port facilities in Akita Prefecture. Akita, serving as a substation sensor site, and Noshiro, boasting a newly erected sensor tower and a dedicated marine control building, became the nerve centers for the project’s marine operations.

The integrated Marine Control System featured:

  • Two Furuno radars for unparalleled maritime surveillance.
  • VHFs, AIS for reliable vessel identification and communication.
  • 4G PTUs and DMR communication networks to ensure continuous connectivity.
  • Advanced software suites including Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS), Offshore Energy Service Equipment Management (OSEM), Vessel Control System (VCS), and Personnel Tracking System for operational excellence.

The benefits

Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Centralised Operations: Creation of a central control and communication station for streamlined management of both wind farm sites.
  2. Advanced Technological Suite: The deployment of cutting-edge radar, AIS, and radio communications, integrated through bespoke marine management software.
  3. Advanced Surveillance: Deployment of Furuno radars providing comprehensive monitoring of maritime traffic.
  4. Seamless Integration: Successful installation of IT cabinets that centralize operations and support the infrastructural backbone of marine coordination.
  5. Expertise Expansion: Leveraging Vissim’s global experience to cultivate unique expertise within Japan’s dynamic wind energy market.

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